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Stairwell of Emergence


The second panel from the "Age of Reptiles" features Permian Texas from 280 million years ago. Red cliffs of striped sedimentary rock deposited by ancient seas tower in the background. A Seymouria navigates a hazardous path between a predatory fin-backed Dimetrodon and its lunch, the plant-eating, sail-finned Edaphosaurus. Scale trees such as Sigillaria and Lepidodendron [...]

Jurassic Giants


This scene takes place during the Late Jurassic, 150 million years ago. The third panel from the "Age of Reptiles" is dominated by the sauropod Brontosaurus. As the Brontosaurus arches its long neck munching on water plants, the small pterosaur Rhamphorhynchus flies in front of it. A heavy Stegosaurus lumbers out of frame, while a [...]

Cretaceous Kings


Set during the Late Cretaceous of 65 million years ago, this fourth panel from the "Age of Reptiles" depicts a red eyed Tyrannosaurus rex momentarily thrown off its quarry of Edmontosaurus by an armored Ankylosaurus crossing its path. The tableaux is full of flowers, and familiar trees such as Ginkgos and Magnolias. Palms such as [...]