Project Description

This scene takes place during the Late Jurassic, 150 million years ago. The third panel from the “Age of Reptiles” is dominated by the sauropod Brontosaurus. As the Brontosaurus arches its long neck munching on water plants, the small pterosaur Rhamphorhynchus flies in front of it. A heavy Stegosaurus lumbers out of frame, while a small feathered dino-bird Archaeopteryx takes flight over the lake. The lush vegetation includes ancestral cycads such Williamsonia, extinct conifers like Araucarites, ferns like Matonidium and horse tail rushes like Neocalamites. Today, Brontosaurus has been renamed Apatosaurus — although a small but growing group of paleontologists assert that these animals were actually two distinct genera. Brontosaurus is poised for a comeback.